Nick Viall's New 'Bachelor' Promo Is Just What the Doctor Ordered


Sure, the holidays are exciting and all, but what we're really looking forward to? When they're all over and The Bachelor is back! We are mere weeks away from Nick Viall's debut as ABC's newest leading man, and now, we have another look at him in the starring role. There's a new Christmas-themed Bachelor promo, and it's everything we dreamed of.


Okay, so it doesn't include any new footage from the show or anything like that, but it does give us Nick, in a suit, holding a rose -- a look we expect to see plenty from him after the season kicks off in January. And honestly, how can we complain about a view like that?!

Nothing gets us in the mood for hot chocolate and one-on-one dates like seeing Nick looking handsome as snow and seeing rose petals rain down on him. Is it just us, or is this about to be the best season ever?!

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If you're not following along with spoilers, you probably don't know much about his season so far. After all, ABC has been pretty skimpy with the actual show footage in the promos they've released so far. But hey, beggars can't be choosers, and who doesn't love a little mystery? 

We just hope we get to see Nick fall in love and get that happily ever after he's been chasing for what seems like forever. After all the heartache (on national television!) he's been through, he deserves to find the love of his life. And if it's not us? We'll survive ... somehow. 

See ya soon, St. Nick! The Bachelor is totally going to be what gets us through our post-holiday blues this year.

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