Leah Messer Gets Real About Her Custody Arrangement With Corey Simms


It's definitely been a difficult year for Leah Messer, and it's all because not too long ago, she had a custody battle over her twins, Ali and Aleeah, with ex-husband Corey Simms. But could that all change? Leah revealed her custody plans for the girls, and it sounds like her immediate future might actually be drama-free.


While talking to Radar Online this week, Leah admitted that she's not planning on changing their custody arrangement anytime soon, and it sounds like what she and Corey have going right now is what's best for their girls -- and for once, they're actually getting along! Here's what she told the site: 

I think the way that it is right now is great. It works for both the kids and us. We actually co-parent great. We get along good. We're in a very good place. 

After all the fights we've witnessed on Teen Mom 2, we're glad to hear it! You know, if not a little surprised.  

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And by the looks of Leah's social media, it seems like she's in a much better place herself than she was more than a year ago when the custody decision happened. She seems happy and healthy, and we're sure her daughters are benefiting from a happy mom, too! 

But if you're wondering about her love life? Seems like it's all quiet on that front for now. Leah also told the site that she's not currently trying to date, and that she's spending her time "focusing on [herself] and the girls." Sounds like a plan to us! 

We can't wait to catch up with Leah when Teen Mom 2 comes back next month. Fingers crossed the peace between her and Corey lasts!

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