'Teen Mom' Stars React With Disgust Over Unseen Clip of Farrah Abraham

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We love watching Teen Mom's "Unseen Moments" special at the end of every season, but there are a couple of people who didn't quite enjoy one clip that was show on Monday night! Amber Portwood, Maci Bookout, and Catelynn Baltierra were shocked by a clip of Farrah Abraham that played on the special, and honestly? So were we! 


In the clip, Farrah is screaming at her neighbors over a fence, telling them, "we have a better, classier life!" Although we don't get to see what their fight is actually about, it's clear that Farrah is pissed, and surprisingly enough, Sophia is there, egging her on, telling Farrah how amazing she is. 

Of course, it's not surprising at all to see Farrah go off the rails, or to see the surprised, kind of disgusted expressions on Catelynn and Amber's faces as they watch. 

"No one wins when you're neighbors with Farrah!" Farrah says at the end of the clip, and we have a feeling she's right.

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And as someone who's had to deal with Farrah's rage head-on, Amber obviously had plenty of opinions about the clip, and used the opportunity to speak out once again about the fight they had on the reunion special.

She said:

I want people to understand what happened came from emotion. I cried about it, literally 10 minutes after it happened. And when someone's calling your man a pedophile, it's a disgusting, degrading word. 

And as you can expect, Farrah had her own response to that comment:

Oh, geez. Why do we have a feeling this feud is never going to end? Oh yeah -- probably because it won't. 

We just hope it doesn't come to physical blows again. We can't deal with that kind of drama!

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