Jenelle Evans Shares a Heartwarming Moment Between Her Son & David Eason

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We'll admit it: We've had our doubts about Jenelle Evans's taste in men, but this time, we might actually be wrong! Jenelle shared a photo of Kaiser with boyfriend David Eason, and they make a pretty adorable pair. 


Jenelle posted the photo on Instagram on Monday night, and we have to admit that it looks like David is taking his role in Jenelle's life (and her kids' lives) seriously. In the pic, Kaiser is sitting on David's lap as he reads a book to him, and it seems like it was a pretty sweet moment. 

Fatherhood requires love, not DNA. �

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We may have raised a lot of questions about David in the beginning of his relationship with Jenelle, especially considering his past, but is it possible he's actually the guy she's been looking for all this time? If this picture is any indication, there's a good chance David is here to stay.

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Being that David is already a dad, it looks like he has a pretty good handle on how to interact with kids. It seems like Kaiser really likes him, and we're glad to see it, especially since Kai's father, Nathan Griffith, isn't always the best role model for him.

It will definitely be interesting to see how David and Jenelle's relationship evolves after they welcome their child next year, and we're keeping our fingers crossed for the best. After everything she's been through with the men in her life, she deserves one who treats her (and her children) well! 

In the meantime, we'll be keeping our eyes open for more adorable photos of these two together. How cute are they?!

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