'Teen Mom' Star Accused of Hooking Up With Three Guys in One Night

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Apparently one of our favorite reality moms has been very busy lately -- we just can't figure out who! According to a blind item from a gossip site, an unnamed Teen Mom star hooked up three times in one night, and it's stirring up major drama.


The blind item -- which dates all the way back to July -- is from a site called Crazy Days and Nights and recently resurfaced. Apparently this item was "confirmed" by the site, so it's back, and a certain mom is not happy about it. 

Here's what the item said: 

This Teen Mom not named Jenelle or Farrah hooked up with three different people in one night not that long ago. She posted her photo on an app and then waited in her hotel room.

Of course, someone who isn't Jenelle or Farrah still leaves plenty of options, but the site is now pointing fingers at only one of the girls: Kailyn Lowry.

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Not surprisingly, Kailyn has already taken to social media to try to clear up the rumor, even though she didn't reference the blind item directly. If we take Kail's word for it, it never happened, and we wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't true. After all, it's not like the information is coming from the most reputable source.

Obviously we have no way of knowing whether or not Kail's telling the truth, but think about it: When would she have the time for this kind of stuff?! She's a very busy single mom of two, and from what we know, it doesn't seem like she has much downtime at all.

It has to suck to have rumors like this floating around out there about you, but it seems like for the Teen Mom cast (and many other celebrities) it's just par for the course. Keep your head up, Kail! You have two little guys who need you! 

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