Farrah Abraham Fires Back at Kailyn Lowry in True Farrah Fashion

Remember Farrah Abraham's feud with Amber Portwood? Yeah, there's a new smackdown happening where the Teen Mom cast is concerned, and this time, it's between Farrah and Kailyn Lowry. They've been exchanging jabs all week, and now, Farrah is responding to Kail's comments about her ... and as you can probably expect, it's not pretty. 


Earlier this week, Farrah insulted Kail by saying she didn't understand why she had another baby when she was trying to be famous, and Kailyn wasted no time responding, commenting that she didn't know why Farrah always had negative things to say. And now Farrah is firing back, because of course she is. 

Here's what she tweeted: 

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Oh, boy. We're a little confused that Farrah is telling Kail she hopes she stays out of the drama when Farrah is the one who started it. But okay, Farrah. Whatever makes her feel better! 

We'll be the first to admit that sometimes Farrah catches unnecessary flack from her costars and followers, but this time, we're pretty sure she's out of line. Kail clearly loves Lincoln, and we doubt she'd have a baby just for the sole purpose of fame.

Don't worry, Kail. All of this will die down soon, and there will be new drama for us to freak out over. In the meantime, we're keeping our eyes peeled for the next of Farrah's rants. They might be off the mark, but they are pretty entertaining.

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