Jenelle Evans Catches Heat for Letting Kaiser 'Play With Fire'


What in the world was she thinking? Jenelle Evans shared a video of Kaiser playing with fire this week, and fans are understandably upset. The Teen Mom 2 star obviously knew it was a bad decision, since she apparently deleted the vid from Snapchat soon after she posted it.


But the Internet is forever, and screenshots were captured of the tot playing with sticks right next to the fire.

Jenelle Evans/Snapchat

Um, yeah. You'd think after all the parenting critique she's gotten over the years, she'd think twice about letting her toddler play near an open fire, let along posting a video of it on social media.

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Especially considering that she's still in a custody battle over Kai with his dad, her ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith. This is just the sort of thing that he could bring in front of a judge to call her an unfit mother.

Fans were quick to react to the parenting faux pas, commenting things like, "You f-cking idiot. Keep Kai away from fire it's dangerous you should already know this u don't deserve custody of any kids," and "That fire was horrible ... Sticks all over and no containment. #dangerous."

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To add insult to potentially devastating burn injury, Jenelle lives in North Carolina, which, as The Hollywood Gossip points out, is next door to Tennessee, where some deadly wildfires just occurred.

Ugh, will this mama ever learn?

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