Amanda Stanton & Josh Murray's Relationship Takes Another Confusing Turn


Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton may be the picture-perfect couple on Instagram, but in real life? It sounds like they actually struggle, just like anybody else. Recently, Josh admitted he and Amanda have been "through the gauntlet," and now we're wondering how much longer Josh and Amanda's relationship is going to last. 


Despite the fact that Josh was putting up tons of red flags on Bachelor in Paradise, Amanda fell in love with him anyway, and during the season finale, they got engaged. Since then, they've been living together with Amanda's daughters, and by all appearances, their relationship seems flawless... or is it? 

Earlier this week, rumors began circulating that Amanda and Josh are already broken up. Since those rumors came from Reality Steve, which is normally a pretty reliable source, we were inclined to believe them, but now the couple is acting like everything's good between them.

While talking to Entertainment Tonight this week, Josh revealed they got off to a rocky start ... before insisting that everything between them is fine. Here's what he had to say: 

I tried to stay away from social media and what everybody says, but I know it's tough because she wasn't used to the criticism and neither was I. The way everything was portrayed, it made [our relationship] seem like it was bad ... so we understand people's concerns, but there's no concern for us.

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Amanda talked to ET too, and echoed Josh's sentiment, repeating how happy they are. She said: 

I feel like we've been through a lot in the past couple of months. I mean, kind of merging our families together. He brought his dog with him, he's meeting my kids. So, it's been a lot, but I definitely feel like we've gotten stronger through it. We're really happy.

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Hmm. Who is Amanda trying to convince -- us or herself? And more importantly, will they make it into 2017? Their families are set to spend the holidays together, so we guess we'll find out! 

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