Meet the New 'Bachelor' Ladies Vying for Nick Viall's Heart

Caroline Olney | Dec 7, 2016 TV
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December is the best time of the year for two reasons. First, holidays and presents (obviously). Second, the official release of the new Bachelor women (also obviously). And, yeah, part of us kinda thinks the two are related -- revealing the cast of next season's Bachelor is like a holiday gift from ABC to top all holiday gifts.

The 30 women this year are all over the map -- we've got everything from an, um, aspiring dolphin trainer to nurses to chefs to the required flight attendant. They're gorgeous, of course, and we can't wait to see more of them all when Nick Viall's season starts on January 2. So soon, guys! So soon!

  • Alexis


    Contestant #1 is Alexis, a 23-year-old aspiring dolphin trainer from New Jersey. Apparently, she's a fan of the ocean and all that brings: She currently lives in Miami, she loves dolphins (clearly), Titanic is one of her favorite movies, and she would be Ariel from The Little Mermaid if she could be any fictional character.

  • Angela


    Can you tell Angela is a model? We can. She's also 26 and from South Carolina, and the first contestant on this list to choose The Notebook as a favorite film. And, for the record, the second (of two) to have some obsession with dolphins -- Angela says she'd be a dolphin if she could be any animal because "they are playful and sociable and live in family groups." Good call, Angela!

  • Astrid


    Also 26, Astrid is a plastic surgery office manager who is 5'7½" tall. We can respect a girl with an eye for detail. She would also like to be a dolphin ("so I could rescue lost sailors and swim in the ocean doing tricks"), which puts us at three for three with the dolphin obsession. 

  • Briana


    Okay, this has to be a joke. This is Briana, a 28-year-old surgical unit nurse from Utah. She would ALSO like to be a dolphin if she could -- her reasoning is that she'd like to "breath underwater, do flips, and be cute." She's also the third contestant to say she'd be Ariel from The Little Mermaid, so we're starting to think the producers are playing us.

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  • Brittany


    Brittany is a travel nurse from Santa Monica and get this: She doesn't mention dolphins in her profile. Not once. Instead, she talks about her love for camping (if it's warm out), her love for Beyonce (#flawless), and her love for team sports. 

  • Christen


    This is Christen. She likes politics and Zoolander and dancing to Dancing With the Stars (same). She's a 25-year-old wedding videographer from Tusla, Oklahoma, aaannndd we guess that's about it. Oh, and she'd be a wild mustang over a dolphin. Nice. 

  • Corinne


    Corinne's is 25 and her occupation is listed as "business owner," so color us curious about what kind of business she owns. Maybe it has something to do with the animal she'd want to be (cheetah), the fictional character she'd want to be (Snow White), or the city she named as most romantic (Chicago). Hmmm.

  • Danielle L.


    Danielle L.: 27, small business owner, Los Angeles, two butterfly tattoos and one lotus tattoo. Two out of three fave movies are by Nicholas Sparks. Admires Chrissy Teigen and Olivia Pope (same and SAME). 

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  • Danielle M.


    Danielle M. is 31, which makes her the oldest contestant so far, and the one closest to Nick Viall's age (he's 36). She was engaged once but her fiancé passed away, and that prompted her to move to Nashville to start fresh. It looks like she's still there now -- she's a neonatal nurse and a fan of ice cream and green smoothies, so we think we'll get along.

  • Dominique


    Clearly, Dominique is adorable. She's another LA-based contestant, and she mentions Chipotle burritos no less than two times in her profile, so hard respect for her. She has a dog (oh, we SO want to see that dog), and if she were any fruit or vegetable, she'd be a pineapple ("hard on the outside and sweet on the inside").

  • Elizabeth "Liz"


    Liz is a doula from Las Vegas with lots of tattoos ("a fish, flower, arrow, tree, another tree, a saying, a star, another saying"). She says she's openly a Belieber and not embarrassed at all, so we are officially rooting for her. She'd also be a grape if she could be a fruit, because grapes get better with age. Smart.

  • Elizabeth


    Have you heard of misophobia? We haven't either. But apparently it's the fear of dirt, and apparently Elizabeth, a 24-year-old marketing manager from Dallas, has it. She's also claustrophobic, for the record, and though she has been into dating apps recently, she'd prefer to meet guys through mutual friends or "in front of millions of weekly viewers."

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  • Hailey


    A Canadian! Though she'll never be as Canadian as Daniel Maguire, the maple syrup–obsessed contestant from JoJo's season of The Bachelorette, Hailey seems pretty okay. She's 23, a photographer, and from Vancouver. Her proudest accomplishment is travelling to China to build schools and teach in orphanages (which, wow) and she's scared of butterflies. Iiiinteresting.

  • Ida Marie


    Ida Marie is 23 and if she could be any animal, she'd be "a giraffe, duh!" If she could be any person, she'd be Selena Gomez. If she could pick any snack, it'd be Cheetos with a pickle. Her favorite all-time book is "I need to read more books."

  • Jaimi


    Jaimi is a chef (a chef! Lucky Nick!) from New Orleans (a chef from New Orleans! Even luckier Nick!) who once catered the Oscars (!!!). She says she would bench press a man with her legs to impress him, and her diet is "pesco-pollo-lacto-ovo-paro-tarian," which she says is just fish and bird plus byproducts, but kiiinda sounds like a joke to us.

  • Jasmine B.


    A flight attendant from Tacoma, Washington, 25-year-old Jasmine has a favorite author and his name is Steve Harvey. Yes, that Steve Harvey. We think. She says she was engaged once but it didn't work out because she and her fiancé were way too young. Plus, she says he "ended up proving he doesn't deserve [her] greatness." We bet she's right.

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  • Jasmine G.


    The second Jasmine is 29 and a pro-basketball dancer, so damn. She has two tattoos -- one is a star and the other is her sorority -- and she really wants to order pizza and eat lunch with RuPaul, Dave Chappelle, and Prince. And, most importantly, if she won the lottery, she'd buy socks. And then a sports team.

  • Josephine


    A Santa Cruz native, Josephine, 24, is a nurse who's currently unemployed, according to her bio. She's 5'7 3/4" (we feel like we can agree to call it 5'8", yeah?) and she did musical theater in high school. She also calls her brother her biggest motivator in her life, so that's sweet.

  • Kristina


    Kentucky-born Kristina is a 24-year-old dental hygienist with no tattoos and a hearty respect for her adoptive parents, who took her in when she was young. She's motivated to workout by the show Ninja Warrior, and sometimes, she designs her own clothes. Very cool. 

  • Lacey


    This is Lacey and she speaks Arabic. She's also 25 and a digital marketing manager from New York City, and she likes a guy who can goof off. Her lunch dates of choice? Shakespeare, JK Rowling, and Joe Jonas. She'd order them a burger and fries.

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  • Lauren


    Lauren's occupation is listed as "law school graduate," which we take to mean she wants to be a lawyer but isn't quite there yet. She's 30 and from Naples, Florida, and she's bringing back the trend of wanting to be a dolphin. Nice. She's also an outdoors girl -- likes national parks and farms and the sea.

  • Michelle


    Michelle is a food truck owner, which might be the coolest job we've seen yet. She's also only 24, which makes her cool job 200 percent more impressive. She speaks Portuguese, loves kayaking, would be Carrie Bradshaw, and is looking for an observant dude. Oh, and if you want to find her food truck, look for it in Los Angeles.

  • Olivia


    Olivia, a 25-year-old apparel sales rep from Nashville, says he strategy for approaching guys is to smile and make eye contact until they approach her. Which is smart, we guess, if not totally logical. She also played for her high school football team (badass) and Nicholas Sparks is her favorite author because she's a hopeless romantic.

  • Rachel


    Rachel is a 31-year-old attorney from Dallas, and she wants to be Michelle Obama for a day, so we feel like we understand her on a fundamental level. She has a serious fear of things that fly, and she's also a Belieber, so ... yes.

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  • Raven


    Raven owns a fashion boutique in Arkansas, and she wants to be Blue Ivy for a day. Why didn't we think of that? She says the most romantic present she's ever received was roses and a diamond necklace left on her car, which, yeah. Sounds pretty romantic to us.

  • Sarah


    Sarah is a teacher from California and she says she's "socially Democratic, economically Republican." Her fave flower is white roses and one time someone named a star after her (yep, just like in A Walk to Remember).

  • Susannah


    One time Susannah (26, account manager, San Diego) tried to look sexy picking up a pen in front of a crush and banged her head. That was her most embarassing moment. She says she's like a watermelon -- sweet and best during summer -- and she really, really loves buying shoes.

  • Taylor


    Taylor's only 23, but she seems pretty successful -- she's a metal health counselor in Seattle. The most outrageous thing she's ever done is streaking, her favorite clothing designer is Forever 21 (does that count as a designer? Guess so), and she has a three-step plan for impressing men: "1) Be myself 2) Be open and authentic 3) Look bomb."

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  • Vanessa


    Vanessa is a 29-year-old special ed teacher from Quebec, and if she were a vegetable, she'd be an onion. Like Shrek. She speaks French and Italian and she says the most romantic present she's ever gotten is a promise ring "because it's a freaking promise ring!"

  • Whitney


    Last but not least is Whitney, a 25-year-old pilates instructor from Minnesota. She doesn't live life with regrets, she says, and her answer to the question "how much do you enjoy the theater" was "I like going to movies but also fun to rent them at home." If she could be an animal, she'd be an eagle so she could see from a new perspective. Very wise, Whitney.

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