Farrah Abraham's Dad Says He Hasn't Recovered From His Fight With Matt Baier


For weeks, we've heard about the "legendary" fight that happened during the filming for the Teen Mom OG reunion, and now, it sounds like the feud could have had a lasting effect on Farrah Abraham's father's health. Michael Abraham says he's still injured from his brawl with Matt Baier, and we can't believe he's still recovering! 


Matt and Michael's fight came to blows when Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood started trading insults during their traditional chat with Dr. Drew on the reunion special. Farrah said that Matt (Amber's fiancé) looks like a pedophile, and as you can expect, that made Amber pretty mad. Amid the chaos that ensued -- Amber getting in Farrah's face, security rushing the stage -- Matt and Michael ended up in a fistfight, and according to what Michael tells Radar Online, he was hurt pretty bad.

"I'm still under treatment and on worker's comp. I'm a disabled vet, he destroyed my hearing aid," Michael told the site. "Matt didn't know the can of worms he opened when he hit me."

In Michael's words, he only got physically involved because Amber was trying to hit Farrah, and his fatherly instincts took over. It's definitely not the first time that reunion stage has seen some drama, but this might be the most explosive ever. 

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"Matt didn't have to come on," Michael added. "No one hit Amber. Everyone was trying to stop Amber from hitting Farrah." 

Time to place your bets on when this feud will be over! If you ask us, the answer is never. Farrah isn't exactly known for making amends, so we have a feeling she and Amber will be at odds for the rest of time.

Hopefully Michael feels better soon. If he really was just defending his daughter, he doesn't deserve to deal with the pain! 

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