Kailyn Lowry Just Started a New Feud With Farrah Abraham


The words "Farrah Abraham" and "feud" seem to go hand in hand lately when it comes to her Teen Mom costars, and now, the drama between them is getting worse. Farrah called Kailyn Lowry out for having another child and of course, Kailyn is responding to Farrah's criticism. Is it just us, or do you feel a brand-new fight coming on?


It all started when Farrah commented that Kailyn and Chelsea Houska shouldn't be getting pregnant and having more children if they're trying to be famous at the same time (wait, what?). And if you know Kail, you know she wasn't going to let that one slide. This week, while talking to Real Mr. Housewife, she let her thoughts on the subject be known, and it's not like we can blame her! 

Here's what Kail told the site: 

Here's the thing. The cast sometimes get into little arguments but most of the time they're little and we apologize and move forward. Overall, I think (I can only speak for myself) I try to be there for everyone and support everyone. The thing with Farrah is that she's so negative all the time. She never has anything nice to say about anybody on the cast. I see her doing big things -- I would love to be able to support her doing those things -- but when she's constantly slamming me in the media and saying things that are so out of left field, it's hard to find any kind of good in her. 

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Ouch! Kail definitely isn't mincing words here! But we totally understand why she's mad, and a lot of what she's saying about Farrah is true. It's rare she ever says anything positive about her costars, and just from watching the show, we know that they all have plenty of good qualities, just like Farrah does. 

Kail added, "Her exact words were that Chelsea and I got pregnant again for fame, but Chelsea and I were both married and in our mid-twenties. Farrah is out here doing pornos to stay relevant." 

It's only a matter of time before Farrah issues a clapback of her own to that one, so if you need us, we're going to get the popcorn ready. In the meantime? Maybe it's better not to judge each other for the choices they've made. Kail and Chelsea are awesome moms, and they don't deserve the hate! 

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