Amanda Stanton & Josh Murray's Relationship Is Reportedly Over


You know that emoji where it holds its blue face and screams? That's how we feel right now because Reality Steve is reporting that two of our Bachelor in Paradise faves, Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, secretly broke up and they're just biding their time until they go public with the news. Noooooo. No!


The thing is, though, all Instagram signs point to a happy couple -- Josh and Amanda spent Thanksgiving together in New York with Josh's family, and they were JUST together at Jingle Ball on Saturday night. 

But Reality Steve says his "reliable sources" are telling him that Josh moved out and is staying at a hotel, and the two are trying to figure out their next move. Because breaking the bad news right in the middle of the holiday season would be cruel to our weak little hearts, and they know that. Or something.

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Honestly, this isn't the first time we've heard Jamanda breakup rumors, so we weren't instantly inclined to believe it. But Reality Steve is adamant that this is the real deal, and, sadly, he's usually right about these things.

But, but ... look! They were so happy, like, one week ago!

sunset walks with the gang �

A photo posted by Amanda Stanton (@amanda_stantonn) on

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Buuuut that's just Instagram. Steve says this has been building for a while, and the problems they ran into early in their relationship have just been building since the two hooked up on Bachelor in Paradise. No bueno.

After the Lace/Grant news from last week, this is almost too much to handle. Mayyybe Steve is wrong about this one. For the sake of Amanda's two kids, we hope so.

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