Details of Kailyn Lowry's Divorce Settlement Are Surprising at Best


We knew this was coming, but we're still kind of in disbelief. After a lot of relationship issues, Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin have finalized their divorce, and that means that they've worked out how they're going to share their time with son Lincoln. Javi shared the details of their custody arrangement, and it's a little surprising.


According to what Javi has told Radar Online, he and Kail have agreed to split custody of Lincoln 50/50, and that means that spousal and child support are not "really involved" in their agreement -- meaning that Javi also didn't ask for any. 

"I didn't take her for child support because I do have 50/50 of Lincoln," Javi told Radar. "I don't need any money from her. I can provide for my own son!"

We don't doubt that! If Teen Mom 2 has shown us anything, Javi has always been a super involved dad, so obviously that wouldn't change even though his marriage to Kail has ended.

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We're glad to hear that Kail and Javi have already worked things out, and it sounds like it involved minimal drama. What's most important here is Lincoln, so we're even more relieved to hear that he'll be spending equal time with both of his parents. Hopefully Javi is still making time for Isaac too. Javi may not be his birth father, but he always played a huge role in Isaac's life! 

It's a bummer that their relationship is over, but we have a feeling both halves of this former couple will be happier now -- and so will their kids. Here's hoping 2017 is a way better year for them! 

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