Farrah Abraham Visits Santa & All Hell Breaks Loose


These days, it seems like Farrah Abraham can't breathe without receiving criticism, and not even her holiday season festivities are immune! Over the weekend, Farrah visited Santa with Sophia, and the comments on the photo she shared are rough


The picture itself is absolutely adorable; it's just Farrah and Sophia sitting on Santa's lap, and for once, Farrah is actually completely covered up and smiling at the camera like any other mom would be who took her kid to see the big guy. Look: 

But as the Hollywood Gossip pointed out, fans took the opportunity to completely tear her apart in the comments, calling her fat and ugly. Whoa, guys! Too far! 

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And trust us, there are some gems in the comments, and all of them are mean. One of Farrah's followers compared her to Miss Piggy, and another commenter even called Sophia "fugly." Sophia. A child. Ugh. We're pretty disgusted. Can't a mom take her kid to see Santa without getting so much hate?! 

We get that Farrah makes mistakes -- like any other mom -- and that she's the Teen Mom star most people love to hate. But this time, it's a little much, especially since her post was truly harmless. 

Plus, let's let this photo serve as a reminder of something very important: Santa is coming to town, and he only brings presents to those on the nice list! 

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