Amber Portwood's Brawl With Farrah Abraham Was Worse Than We Imagined


In the eternally wise words of Dr. Drew -- so that just happened. On Monday night, we finally got to see exactly what happened during that onstage brawl between Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham, and let's just say that it was not over-hyped.


The Teen Mom OG reunion special was on Monday night, and it was everything it promised to be and more. Before we get to the physical violence between once-friends Amber and Farrah, we should talk about the other stuff that happened.

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Maci Bookout talked about how great life is with her hubby Taylor McKinney, and Ryan Edwards had an emotional moment with his mom about the feud this season with his dad. It was all very touching, and Dr. Drew handed out Kleenex. Okay, enough of that.

Then Farrah took the stage, along with her mom Debra. They talked about how far they still need to go in their relationship (no one was shocked), and Deb wore a seriously questionable wig. Then Simon Saran came out and cleared up that he had never proposed to Farrah with that infamous engagement ring -- he thought she was just buying a ring.

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That's when Dr. Drew asked about his roasting Amber's fiancé Matt Baier and calling him a child molester. Farrah said that Matt did look like a child molester, and they both laughed about how their costars apparently can't take a joke.

Until Amber Portwood stormed the stage. She had been off-camera, likely in a green room, when she walked right up to Farrah and got in her face about swinging such a low-blow against her man. Dr. Drew, producers, and members of the security team descended and held Amber back.

The entire thing was one giant bleep-out of F-bombs. Farrah's dad, Michael Abraham, got in Amber's face. Matt came on stage, and it looks like he punched, or at least almost punched Michael in the face. Farrah screamed that Amber and Matt were felons. Amber screamed back. It. Was. Epic.

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They cut to a commercial break, and when they came back, Dr. Drew declared, "Well that just happened." You mean the foray into Jerry Springer territory? Yeah. It happened.

Despite Amber's violent outburst against Farrah, Maci Bookout and Catelynn Lowell had her back. Dr. Drew said that all four cast members were supposed to be out onstage together, but after what had just happened, Farrah was kept away.

Before they got into anything, Maci said that she'd like to say something. She said that for years, Farrah has been effing with their schedules, coming and going as she pleased, and making everyone accommodate her, and then she had the audacity to go on stage and slander the other girls without their being present to defend themselves.

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She said she was done. Catelynn and Amber said they were done. They all walked off stage and took off their mics and left. Dr. Drew explained to the audience that that was the nature of reality TV, and now we're all left wondering if there will be another another season of the show after that.

It's going to take a lot to get them all to agree to come back.

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