Adam Lind Discloses His Whopper of a 'Teen Mom 2' Salary


Has he finally had enough? Adam Lind just revealed exactly how much money he made on Teen Mom 2, and the reason why he won't be accepting their paychecks anymore.


Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer's ex has threatened to quit the MTV franchise several times over, but somehow always ends up back on the show. Last season was probably the most awkward, as he sat on the couch next to Dr. Drew at the reunion special and refused to talk to anyone.

Chelsea and her dad Randy Houska said that he'd be back, and insinuated that it was all part of his ploy to get more dollars from the network, and that it was all about money for him. But how much money, exactly?

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On an Instagram photo of Adam walking his dogs with his daughter (Aubree, 7, and Paislee, 3, from his relationship with Taylor Halbur), one fan commented that she hoped MTV would share more sweet moments like this, instead of showing him as a deadbeat dad who missed his daughter's father-daughter dance at school.

Adam replied back, saying that MTV isn't going to show those moment, because he's done with the show, despite the enormous paycheck they're offering.

They wont… which is why I ended the show… won't give them what they want anymore… idc how much $$ they offer… season stacked up to be 285,000$ a year….. told em keep your f***ing money I don't want the s**t anymore … I wasn't raised that way I'd rather have a 9-5 and a mortgage struggling with bills… ppl say I'm crazy for turning it down… well I say they are crazy for wanting that kind of attention trust me… it's not worth it

He may not think it's worth it right now, but since he's someone everyone loves to hate on the show, we can't help but wonder if it's all part of his strategy to get them to shell out even more money.

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Or maybe it's just jealousy that he doesn't make as much at Chels and her co-stars? He said later in his social media rant, "See they won't tell you how much everyone makes from the show… and I'm not spose to say… but frankly I don't give a s**t lol…. and you think 285kish is alot…. s**t… the women get hellava lot more than that !"

It's hard to believe he really doesn't think that that's a lot of money, especially when there was a warrant out for his arrest earlier this year for failing to pay child support. But then again, Adam doesn't exactly seem to be living in the same reality as the rest of us.

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