Ben Higgins Is Reportedly Still Not Over JoJo Fletcher -- Watch Out, Lauren


While watching Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After this season, we've been getting a little worried about the state of Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell's relationship. And now, we have one more reason to fear the worst. Apparently Ben is still calling JoJo Fletcher, his Bachelor ex. What?! 


According to what a source close to the couple tells Life & Style, Ben is not totally over his runner up, and his fiancée has no idea. Reportedly he's been calling JoJo to talk in secret, and that obviously doesn't say anything good about the future for him and Lauren.

The source told the mag: 

Ben has been secretly calling JoJo ever since Lauren moved in with him in April. They talked every three or four weeks at first, but it's become more frequent since the wedding was canceled. If Lauren knew about it, she'd be devastated.

Um, ya think?!

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And let's not forget that JoJo is engaged, too -- and the source adds that her Bachelorette fiancé, Jordan Rodgers, has no idea that these calls are taking place. Yeah, this sounds like one giant mess.
We hope this story isn't true, because the source is right -- Lauren would be heartbroken if she found out Ben was talking to JoJo behind her back, especially since they've been working so hard on their relationship. Plus, these two are so cute togeher. Our hearts couldn't take it if they never made it down the aisle! 
Don't break her heart, Ben! We'll never forgive you! 
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