Tanner Tolbert Fears His Marriage to Jade Roper Might Be Over


Let's face it, so far Marriage Boot Camp hasn't made things between Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert look too promising. But could it end in them splitting up for good? On Friday's new episode, Tanner reveals he thinks they'll divorce, and we really hope he's wrong! 


In a clip from the episode from Us Weekly, Tanner and Jade are talking to Nicolino about their feelings on their relationship. At first, Jade admits that doing the show is a big leap out of her comfort zone, and that she feels she's a burden to people because of her insecurites. Aww, Jade! We need to hug you! 

And then, it's Tanner's turn to talk about his thoughts, and he doesn't seem to have much faith in his marriage at all. 

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"I'm scared of getting divorced," Tanner says. "That's half the reason why I shut you out. Me and Jade did rush into a relationship and we haven't had that time to go through everything. That's probably my biggest fear." 

We can't blame him for feeling that way! It's been rough seeing the things they've said to each other all season long, and they haven't known each other all that long. They got engaged just weeks after meeting, and their relationship has been on warp speed ever since. 

Hopefully, they're able to work out their issues and move past this. Deep down, we think they still love each other. Maybe all hope isn't lost just yet? 

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