Cole DeBoer's Reaction to Seeing Chelsea on Their Wedding Day Is Priceless


Be still our hearts! Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer shared a pic of her hubby Cole DeBoer's reaction to seeing her in her wedding dress, and we can't even with the whole thing.


The Teen Mom 2 stars tied the knot in October, in a private ceremony attended by just family and close friends. Chels has become increasingly more private over the years, and opted not to have MTV film her wedding.

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She and Cole have shared a few snaps of their special day, and we honestly think each one gets better. This has definitely got to be the best one yet -- a photo of Cole's reaction when she saw his bride for the first time.

Cole covered his face with his hands, like he just couldn't take it all in -- and now we're pretty much having the same reaction to this photo.

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Of course, Cole wasn't just looking at his wife-to-be, but also the mother of his unborn child. The couple announced last summer that they're expecting their first baby together (Chels also has 7-year-old Aubree from a previous relationship with Adam Lind), and she was about mid-way through her pregnancy at their wedding.

We love this little glimpse into their love story, and hope to someday see the look on Cole's face when he meets his new son.

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