Leah Messer Worries Fans With New Pic of Her Thin Frame


Promoting products on Instagram has become routine for so many of our favorite reality stars, and not even the stars of Teen Mom are immune. It can get a little annoying, seeing so many ads cross our feeds, but could it actually be dangerous? Lately, fans are worried about Leah Messer using skinny tea, and they could have a point.


Don't get us wrong -- Leah has always been a skinny minnie. But lately she's been looking thinner than ever -- and it's leading to fans calling her out in the comments. 

It all started with this post, where she advertised Flat Tummy Tea by saying she was using it to get rid of her post-Thanksgiving bloat: 

Obviously, Leah is thin without the tea, but it's up to her to make her own decisions, even if her fans don't agree that she's doing the right thing. 

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But even when she's not talking about tea, Leah has always recieved flack for her smaller frame. Maybe we should give this girl a break? Lately she's seemed so much happier and healthier, and that's all that really matters, right? 

We just hope Leah is not doing anything that could be dangerous for her body. Her girls need her in the best shape possible. We can't imagine she has much downtime between Ali, Aleeah, and Addie! 

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