'Teen Mom OG' Stars Share Secrets From Their '16 & Pregnant' Days


Watching Teen Mom OG today, it's crazy to think back on what these women were like when we first met them as pregnant teens. They've grown up so much since then, and they've all changed so much! And in a new feature called 100 Things About Teen Mom, the Teen Mom OG stars shared secrets from 16 & Pregnant, and some of the things they revealed were pretty surprising. 


In the video, the girls talk about how weird it was to see themselves on TV when they made their debut on 16 & Pregnant, and they also addressed their first impressions of each other when they finally got to meet. Everyone loved Cate right away, and nobody could believe how small Maci was. She is pretty tiny! 

Another (not so surprising) discovery? When asked to describe her castmates, Farrah only has negative things to say, and even admits she blocked them on social media. Yep, that's the Farrah we know! 

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Something else interesting that got spilled? The story behind Matt's tattoo removal. No, the Twitter handle he had permanently inked on his body had nothing to do with his love of Teen Mom -- he explained that it was actually one of his friends' accounts, something he did as a drunken dare that he later regretted. 

It's so much fun to see how the moms (and their kiddos) have grown over the years, and we can't wait to see what's in store for their futures. Fingers crossed the show stays on the air for years to come!

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