Simon Saran Defends Calling Matt Baier a Pedophile


Does he have any shame? We think not. Farrah Abraham's sometimes-boyfriend Simon Saran caused a ruckus recently by calling Matt Baier a pedophile, and it looks as though he's not going to take back the atrocious insult anytime soon.


During an episode of Teen Mom OG in October, Saran took to Snapchat to roast Amber Portwood's fiancé, calling him a pedophile. He wrote that 7-year-old Leah's dad Gary Shirley has "every right to be worried about his daughter," as Baier is "the red dot in your community."

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Simon defended his unthinkable insults of the 44-year-old to this week, saying, "Yeah, I called Matt a pedophile, you gotta think about it, if somebody is stalking girls that are 16 and pregnant on Twitter, you do the math on it. That gets pretty close to the line, that's borderline, but then again, what kind of 40-year-old sits at home and stalks little girls on Twitter? It is crazy. I am a normal guy, I can tell what's right and what is not right. I can see right through people."

OK, yes, there is a significant age gap, and Amber was on a show called Sixteen and Pregnant, but the woman is now in her mid-20s, and clearly wants to be with Matt too. That's what we like to call a consensual, adult relationship around these parts.

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Simon continued, "I hope he has good intentions but to be honest with you, I know guys like that, and they are in the player's dilemma, which is, they are going to go after the bigger bite. And Matt did that with his first two girls and moved on to Amber, so that clearly shows you what kind of person he is."

He's of course referring to the fact that Matt had reached out to Farrah Abraham and Jenelle Evans on Twitter before eventually connecting with Amber. Matt addressed the tweets in question, saying that a friend had gotten ahold of his phone and done it as a joke. We're not sure we buy that explanation, but it's hardly fair to make the leap to pedophile.

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