Chelsea Houska Shares Her True Feelings About Her Baby's Gender


She's already a fantastic mama, so we were a bit surprised to learn that Chelsea (Houska) DeBoer is nervous about the birth of her second child. The Teen Mom 2 star is currently expecting a little boy with her hubby Cole DeBoer, and that seems to be the crux of the problem.


After watching her parent Aubree as a single mom for years on the show, it seems like Chels has the mommy thing down cold, but it turns out that her unborn baby's gender is throwing her for a loop. The soon-to-be mom of two took to Twitter recently to share her nervousness over having a son.

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Aww, can you blame her? Of course she wants everything to be perfect! Of course fans were quick to chime in with advice like, "The only thing you really need to prepare for is pee. My son peed in my mouth while I was changing his diaper once."

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Chelsea's co-star Kailyn Lowry responded to the tweet with, "I got you Chels!" Not only are the two incredibly close off-camera, but we're sure that Kail can help her friend through any trauma that may arise from raising boys. She has two little men herself, Issac, 7, and Lincoln, 3.

Plus she has Cole this time around, and a little boy couldn't ask for a better role model to have as a dad. She may be nervous, but we think Chels is going to do just fine with her son.

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