The 'Gilmore Girls' Reboot Was Sadly More Relatable Than I Had Hoped

The Gilmore Girls
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After waiting for what seemed like years to find out what our favorite mother-daughter duo from Gilmore Girls were up to, we were finally able to catch up with them. And, even better, we were finally able to hear the final four words that Amy Sherman-Palladino intended for the series finale all those years ago, and to say that they made us gasp -- well, that's an understatement. Warning: Major spoilers ahead. 


The small but mighty words ultimately confirmed the fan theory we'd all been scratching our heads about -- it confirmed that someone would be having a baby.

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"I'm pregnant."

And, yet after all the speculation, we were still in shock and were forced to quickly face the sad facts that our Rory is pregnant -- and most likely with a soon-to-be married man's baby. We have to remember that not only did Rory have a somewhat irregular family dynamic, but that perhaps the most important relationships in her life -- with her mother and father -- were not truly the best examples. So, in reality it's not hard to see how she found herself in this position.

Not only did Rory watch for years and years as Lorelai blew off the guys who were good to her, but she watched her slip back into old habits with not-so-good guys -- namely her high school sweetheart and Rory's father, Christopher.  

Then there were Rory's indisputable "Daddy Issues" with her father who admittedly stepped away from raising Rory because essentially he felt threatened by Lorelai's independence and seemingly feared the thought of living a life independent of the trust funds they inevitably had waiting for them. Christopher proved to only be reliable and there for the Gilmore girls -- Rory and Lorelai alike -- when things were fun and light, but never when it truly counted. 

And in having her mother as her best friend and someone she believes to be a somewhat reliable role model, Rory never had a full understanding of the issues that she most likely faced by not having her father in her life. Sure, not every child in the same situation experiences the same issues, but the characters here seem to show us that no amount of independence from men, can change their relationships and interactions with them. Rory didn't realize it when she slept with a married Dean back in the original series and she doesn't realize it as she sleeps with an engaged Logan (while she is in a relationship) in the latest episodes, who we can also assume is the baby's father. 

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While this shows a very realistic and human side to Rory (like never before), it still broke my heart. Rory was a paragon of excellence in most regards of her life -- that's what we've come to know her as. In the same way that Lorelai wanted more for her, so did we -- so did I. In having a father that's very much like Christopher (without the trust fund), I've always rooted for Rory being successful and emotional stable without a side car of daddy issues. Her desire for perfection was supposed to save her, and now that it hasn't I feel hopeless for my own life.

If Rory can't have it all (the guy who doesn't diminish her dignity included), then what kind of hope is there for us normal girls who are inevitably fighting a deep rooted case of daddy issues due to the absence of our own fathers? Or if not specifically daddy issues, then the feeling of being abandoned by a parent and the constant search for someone to fill that void.

Nevertheless, it felt like such an honest moment to finally see Rory give in to imperfection and show us that those feelings of abandonment impact us more than any of us ever truly want to believe. It was raw in the way that Amy Sherman-Palladino was able to show how hard it is to break the cycle, especially as we see things take a familiar turn when it seems that Rory has decided to raise her child on her own and without Logan. We see another rare glimpse at the fact that Rory is just human, something we've endlessly denied her character the right to be along.

But I think it's worth pointing out that the familiar plot line wasn't unintentional at all, as Palladino told Entertainment Weekly: "Every girl has a father issue, and Logan was Christopher. Logan was charming, smart, and not quite the dependable soul that you need. Or, at that time, was not the great dependable soul."

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So it's safe to say she played into all of our emotional baggage with the newest plot and craziest cliffhanger, as we're completely abandoned once again just seconds after Rory drops the news of her pregnancy. And sadly, from experience, I know that those type of issues are likely to be reoccurring. When he's not there, you often look for your father in other men, the way that Rory did with Logan, and miss out on all of the solid guys. It's a hard fact of suffering from feelings of abandonment. 

Still, it worked, because no matter what Rory does -- you want to, no, you have to believe that she's going to be okay if we're to believe that we will be okay -- daddy issues and all. And I must shamelessly admit that the more issues Rory has to work out, the more likely we are to have the show renewed for another round of seasons. So I can't say we're not here for these fictional daddy issues. Hell, it may even be therapeutic but I'll let you know how that goes.

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