Leah Messer Shares Major News About Her Next Stage


Talk about self-improvement! This Teen Mom 2 star is taking a big step on the road to bettering herself -- Leah Messer just got accepted to university!


The mom of three has been on a steady path of self-improvement ever since she entered rehab for emotional issues in 2015. It was rumored that she was also addicted to prescription painkillers, but the star denied the allegations, and she even passed a court-ordered drug test.

Ever since then, she's been working on herself and her relationships, and especially being the best mom possible to Ali, Aleeah Grace, and Addie. She's even been getting along well with both ex-husbands -- Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert.

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It looks like she's going to be able to add "college student" to her growing list of accolades, and hopefully "college graduate" before too long. Leah shared a photo on social media of a congrats letter from West Virginia State University, and it looks like she's going to accept!

Leah made mention of going back to school earlier this fall, when Addie started preschool. Along with a cute photo on Instagram, she wrote, "I always said I would wait until all my girls were in school and then I would go. It's finally that time to finish what I want to pursue in my career and start the college life as a mom of 3."

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Congrats to Leah! It looks like she's doing great in life, and continuing to blaze a path of fierceness for her daughters to look up to. We couldn't be more proud of her.

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