15 Times Farrah Abraham Just DGAF

CafeMom Contributors | Nov 25, 2016 TV

Farrah Abraham

Just mention the name Farrah Abraham to angry Internet commenters and watch them go rabid -- seriously. There's something about the Teen Mom OG star that gets people riled up, but the fascinating thing about Farrah is that she still does and says exactly what she wants. But that is sort of why we love her, right? There are so few people who YOLO their way through life and Farrah is one of them. 

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Farrah has always been a TV bad girl. The Teen Mom star has always done exactly what she wants, how she wants to do it. And while that makes for incredible television, it doesn't always make for the best choices off camera. This woman has been involved in more fights, feuds, and dubious choice-making in the time that Teen Mom has been on the air. We already knew that Farrah tells it like is it (or, really, like how she sees it), but she is fearless in letting everyone else know how little she cares about their opinion of her. 

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Here, we've rounded up 15 times Farrah made it clear that she doesn't care what others think. And guess what? There's something to be said for a person who speaks her mind and never backs down!  

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