From Kid-Friendly Films to OG Series, Here's What's Streaming This December

Fuller House Christmas set photo
Michael Yarish / Netflix

Winter is finally here -- so it's safe to say that no one will judge you for becoming a couch potato in the months to come. And, frankly, with the new series and movies available for streaming in December, naysayers might even join you for a binge marathon or two. 


There are plenty of original series in store for us, from both Netflix and Amazon. Plus, there are some throwbacks coming your way as well. And, we promise, you'll want to carve out time and money in your budget for take-out, as you won't want to miss these 14 newcomers doing something crazy like cooking, now would you? Here's what you and your kids (yes, there are some appropriate for the whole fam!) will be cozying up to.

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