Tanner & Jade Tolbert's Marriage Hits Another Hurdle


We thought they were so perfect together, but it looks like Tanner and Jade (Roper) Tolbert hit another roadblock in their marriage. The two have been dealing with their issues on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, and this week was no exception.


Jade confessed that she's afraid that they're not connecting, and it could mean big trouble for their marriage. The 29-year-old said, "I don't know if Boot Camp is working for Tanner." She turned to face him and added, "I'm scared to death about you and I having no emotional connection."

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Tanner later admitted that his dad's infidelity and the cray-cray way his mom handled it causes him to "keep s*** buried." He then shared a tale of his mom hiring a private investigator to catch his dad in the act of cheating.

"They caught film of [my dad and the other woman] leaving the airport together," he explained. "And then we had movie nights a lot on Friday nights, so my dad's sitting there with popcorn, thinking everything is cool. My mom put on the VCR ... and out comes this private investigator footage."

Jade was understandably outraged at the confession, especially when she learned that her hubby was only 14 when it happened. "I love your mom, but that's not okay," she said. "A parent shouldn't drag a child through their s***."

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Instead of taking the sympathy or agreeing that he hopes to not put his own kid through something similar someday, Tanner just retorted, "Well, your mom was not the best either."

Ugh. Sounds like these two are definitely having problems in the communication department. Hopefully they'll be able to work it out -- we're rooting for these two!

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