Kailyn Lowry Opens Up About Possibly Getting Married Again


In the time she's been on Teen Mom 2, we've seen Kailyn Lowry go through heartbreak, but she's always come out on the other side, ready to find love again. But could she be soured against marriage forever? Supposedly Kailyn said she'd never get married again after getting divorced from Javi Marroquin! 


According to what someone in the audience told The Ashley's Reality Roundup, she apparently made the comment while filming the Teen Mom 2 reunion last week. It sounds like she and Dr. Drew were talking about her current relationship (which she stayed pretty quiet about), and then she revealed that marriage just isn't in her future. 

The witness added that Kail had more to say on the topic backstage, telling The Ashley

Kail was never super-sold on the idea of marriage to begin with. She says she would never get married again, and especially regrets getting married so young, because she feels that people her age don't really take marriage seriously.

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Kail's not wrong -- she was pretty young when she married Javi. But we're surprised she's ruling out the possibility of remarrying in the future, especially since she seems to have met someone new. Speaking of which, who is this person?! She didn't spill any details, but our fingers are crossed the details will come out eventually. 

And surprisingly enough, even though Kail has sworn off marriage, the audience member adds that she did say she "really wants to have more children at some point." Hmm. So much new information! 

Kail knows what's best for her, and she's totally allowed to change her mind down the line if she wants to, whether it's about marriage or kids. No matter what, we support her -- especially since she's already kicking butt at taking care of Lincoln and Isaac! 

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