We Aren't Buying That Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Are 'Happier Than Ever'


What in the world is going on with these two? On the heels of the news that their wedding has been called off, Ben Higgins made a statement that he and Lauren Bushnell are "happier than ever."


We're finding it pretty hard to believe, after this week's emotional episode of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? showed Lauren near tears after Ben told her that he wanted to cancel any and all immediate wedding plans.

Despite telling Lauren he wanted to hit the breaks on their wedding during a therapy session on the show, the Bachelor alum told Entertainment Tonight on Wednesday, "We are together, happier than ever -- no plans to break up!"

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He also confided, "That's one of the things that's great about doing a show post-Bachelor, it really does highlight the confusion that life is and trying to get to know each other post-show, and trying to figure out how to get married and make everything work in everybody's best interest."

He continued that they're in a really good place in their relationships, "probably the best place." Ben explained that the wedding had been adding a lot of pressure to them, and now they're "feeling less stressed." He continued, "We're feeling less pressured. We're able to laugh and smile more .... That decision at that point led us to every decision we've made to get to today."

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We're glad to hear Ben's report that everything is just fine and dandy, but we'd be more interested to hear what Lauren has to say over a glass of wine with girlfriends. After all, she's the one who turned her life upside down to be with Ben -- and then he said it felt like they hadn't "done anything."

They might not be as solid as he thinks, is all we're saying.

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