Talk of a Possible 'Game of Thrones' Prequel? Here Are Our 7 Dream Plot Points

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While winter is well on its way, it looks like Christmas came early this year. We were ready to cry into our pillows about Game of Thrones only having another two seasons to go, but it seems our prayers have been answered: While it's not yet official, there has been some big talk about the idea of a Game of Thrones prequel


Just recently, HBO Programming president Casey Bloys told The Wrap that a prequel has been discussed -- and it seems to be a big possibility:'s such a great world, and it's such a great property, we'd be crazy not to at least explore the idea of some sort of prequel or whatever you want to call it. So we are thinking about it, talking about it, but nothing really of note to report just yet.

While they have yet to put "pen to paper," as Bloys put it, we've got seven ideas of what we might want to see in a prequel. (What's especially exciting is that the possibilities are endless, since there's currently no time period or plot in mind.) 

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1. Lyanna's Love Story 

Love is always ill-fated on this show. Nonetheless, we want more of this particular love story. We want to know Robert Baratheon before he became king -- when he was just a simple man truly in love with Lyanna Stark (who is Jon Snow's mom). 

2. Getting to Know Jon Snow

Jon barely knows himself, so he can't really tell us much of anything. However, with more details on his mother and father, we'd have better insight. Yes, we've figured out that he is not, in fact, the bastard of Ned Stark, but rather his nephew. His parents are Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Lyanna was abducted and raped repeatedly by Rhaegar, but we want to see more of the backstory that comes with the abduction. 

3. How the Incest Began

When, how, and why did Cersei and Jaime decide incest was okay? Will this be explored? It's clear that everyone knows it's wrong, especially as they talk in disgust about the Targaryen family -- so it doesn't seem to just be the time period. Yet, here Cersei and Jaime are with three secret (and now dead) children together. We want to see how it all led up to this. 

4. More on the OG Badass

In general, we just want more of Olenna Tyrell. Seriously, we want to know more of her story because she's pretty damn badass. Then again, show me a woman who isn't badass on this show. 

5. The Magic of Melisandre 

One episode, long ago, we saw Melisandre turn into a decrepit old woman once she took off her magic necklace. This old woman was her true form. We've only assumed it's her witchcraft that keeps her beautiful and seductive-looking. But we need more details -- we know she's actually 400 years old, but what about her powers allowed her to stay young? How did she come into these powers? 

6. Learning the Wrath of the Baratheons

Since the show started, the Baratheon brothers were at odds -- well, while they were still alive. We'd love to learn more about their upbringing in hopes of understanding why Robert, Renly, and Stannis were each so power driven. 

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7. More Madness From the Mad King

The mad king -- Aerys II Targaryen (aka Dany's dad) -- has a bad rap to say the least, but we'd love to see for ourselves what got him the reputation that we know and fear ... even in death.

Until then, though, we'll just continue creating our own fan fiction to understand the GoT world. (Oh, is that just us?)

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