Matt Baier Wrote a Tell-All Book & Just Wait 'Til You See the Cover

Matt Baier is finally ready to tell his story, and even though you're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, this time we might just have to. Matt has a tell-all book coming out, and now that the cover has been released, we aren't quite sure what to think about it. 


Matt's book is called You Have No F*cking Idea: The Naked Truth About My Life, and the cover features a totally nude Matt wearing sunglasses, covering up his nether regions with a leather jacket. As the cover teases, the foreword is written by Amber, and even though we're a little put off by the photo, we can't deny we're a little intrigued. 

After all, Matt hasn't talked too much about his (multiple) baby mama drama, besides refuting just about every rumor that we've heard about him over the past year. We're interested to hear his side of the story. 

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Of course, now that his segments with Amber have become more frequent on Teen Mom OG, we've heard plenty of excuses from him -- and thanks to what we've heard from the women he owes child support to, we aren't exactly jumping to take his side. But Amber obviously sees something in him, right? Plus, everyone from the cast is releasing tell-alls these days, so why not Matt?

According to the man himself, his book is out in May, so we'll find out exactly what he wants to share with the world then. Will it be the truth? Hopefully -- and hopefully, it will finally make us understand why Amber has stayed with him so long.

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