Amber Portwood Defends Not Seeing Leah for Almost a Month


On Monday night's episode of Teen Mom OG, it appeared that one mom went an entire month without seeing her daughter. This morning, Amber Portwood cleared up the confusion surrounding her visitation with Leah, and we can't help but feel for her!


Per Radar Online, Amber apparently posted a series of videos to social media on Tuesday morning, addressing fan concerns that she hadn't seen her 8-year-old daughter in a month. On the show, she said that she was missing another weekend to fly to New York to meet with a blogger about writing a book about Matt Baier. They had previously missed time with Leah to make an appearance on Dr. Drew's show in Los Angeles.

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Apparently there was something deeper going on than publicity, and Amber set the record straight about not seeing Leah. It turns out that her depression was getting the best of her. She said that a month was "an exaggeration," and also, "In that time I hadn't seen her, I literally didn't know what was going on with myself, I was in a deep depression where I didn't want to get out of bed."

She was so bad that she admitted that Matt wanted to "institutionalize" her, and she didn't disagree. She reminded fans that she suffers from bipolar and borderline personality disorder, and that she'll be managing medications for the rest of her life.

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Above all, she wants everyone to know that she loves Leah more than anything. "I love my daughter to death. You see the relationship we have and that we've built. There is nothing that could ever break that bond."

It's obvious that Amber adores Leah, and we're glad she's getting the help she needs so that she can be a consistent part of her life. It takes a lot of strength to deal with mental illness, and we think Amber is pretty cool for handling it every dang day.

Leah is lucky to have such a strong mama as a role model.

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