Jenelle Evans Accused of Doing the Unthinkable While Pregnant

Jenelle Evans is constantly criticized for how she behaves as a mom, and now, thanks to some nasty accusations, it sounds like that's not about to end with her third child. Nathan Griffith accused Jenelle of smoking pot while pregnant, even though Jenelle insists that's not true.


According to Radar Online, Nathan didn't have anything positive to say about Jenelle during the Teen Mom 2 reunion, and apparently it made Jenelle mad enough to let the site know that this wasn't the first time that Nathan has made this accusation -- and that it's definitely not true.

"Of course he's going to accuse me of crazy things at this point," Jenelle told the site. 

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A witness at the filming added that Barbara also had some bad things to say about Jenelle's boyfriend and baby daddy, David Eason, including a drug accusation thrown his way. Being that the rumors about David have been pretty rough since he and Jenelle started dating, this one wouldn't surprise us, but we hope that's not true, either. He's about to be the father of a newborn!

Will this family ever be drama-free?! Probably not, but at least we'll get to see it all go down when the reunion eventually airs. 

Our fingers are crossed Jenelle has it right this time -- for the sake of herself and baby Ensley. Is it time for Teen Mom 2 yet?!

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