Amanda Stanton Suffers a Huge Blow in Court Thanks to Her 'Bachelor' Fame


Amanda Stanton's budget is going through a major change! Although she's been raking it in since Bachelor in Paradise, these days, her bank account is going to start looking a bit slimmer, and it's all thanks to an order from a judge. It sounds like Amanda's child support from her ex husband has been slashed, and the difference between what she was getting before and what she'll receive now is huge.


According to TMZ, Amanda recently went to family court to discuss her monthly child support, and instead of receiving $2,000 a month from her daughters' father, she'll be receiving $530. It seems like a massive change, but apparently Amanda's growing income plus her ex's reported financial hardships set up the perfect opportunity for that number to shrink.

The good news? The site reports that Josh went to court with her as support. So even though this has to be a pretty big blow to her, at least she has her fiancé by her side! 

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Besides, we doubt that Amanda is hurting too much for cash. According to what she told the courts, she's able to spend $2,000 a month on clothing alone. So yeah, we think she and her daughters will be fine. 

Amanda has always seemed like such an awesome mom, and we don't doubt that she always puts her daughters first -- not just when it comes to her spending, but in any area of her life. Here's hoping the rest of this custody battle goes smoothly, for Amanda and the girls' sake. It can't be easy for them!

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