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16 Times Jenelle Evans Didn't Care What Anyone Thought of Her

TV CafeMom Contributors Nov 16, 2016

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans knows a thing or two about being in the public eye. No matter what she does, she has fans and non-fans alike waiting in the Internet wings, ready to unleash their thoughts and opinions without mercy. And you know what? Jenelle kind of DGAF.

No, seriously. I mean, how can a gal live her life if she cares about every single thing others say about her? Jenelle does her own thing, and it's pretty admirable. Here are 16 times Jenelle wasn't afraid to speak her mind or say what she wanted to say, no matter the consequences.

1The Infamous Kesha Defense

In a 2012 episode of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle told her ever-patient lawyer that she couldn't serve her jail sentence because the dates clashed with an upcoming Kesha concert. (She had second-row seats, okay?! She even got feathers in her hair for it! Any judge in the world would understand that, no?)

Jenelle doesn't beat around the bush, and you've got to love her for that.

2Kail Accuses Jenelle of Collecting "Dirty Money"

In 2013, fellow Teen Mom 2 costar Kailyn Lowry went after Jenelle on Twitter for posting articles about her fellow Teen Mom gals on networking site Sulia.

Jenelle's response? "I don't understand why people r so concerned if it's a blog, an opinion, not an actual tabloid source..." she tweeted, later following up with: "well I don't write anything out of the way becuz I don't want u guys hating me for it so I watch what I say."

In other words: Deal with it.

3Jenelle Subtweets in Response to Nathan's Ex

To be fair, the tweet shown here was in response to Nathan Griffith's ex, who had been going off on Jenelle on Twitter, asking Jenelle what she was doing to "better" herself and her family, and mocking Jenelle for not being able to get a job due to her record.

Before Jenelle subtweeted the message pictured here, she first wrote: "Enlighten me what u r doing to better your future for 'your family'. I'm doing everything in my power I can to better myself and my future."

Tell 'em, Jenelle!

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The always exciting press day with these two honey bunches of oats 😍 @kaillowry @j_evans8209

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4Fake Friendship?

After Kail, Jenelle, and Chelsea Houska did some press in NYC for Teen Mom 2's sixth season in summer 2015, Jenelle apparently wrote in some now-deleted tweets: "Never again will I come on another business trip alone, we are supposed to 'be friends' ... Haha right ..." And on Facebook, Jenelle wrote, "They report we r all friends? Well apparently that was a front for the media but I took it seriously, guess I never got the memo."

You can always count on Jenelle to tell you exactly how she's feeling.

5Black Sheep

Jenelle isn't afraid to call it like she sees it. And in this case, the way she sees it, she's always been left out of the Teen Mom group. (We hope that's not truly the case, though.)

6Shade Thrower

Kail's tweet pictured here was in response to Jenelle's comments about Kailyn's plastic surgery. Jenelle had told Us Weekly: "She looks great, and I'm happy [for her] ... Whatever makes her happy. That's her choice. It's just not mine. It's her decision. It's her body. No one can tell her what to do."

Another case of Jenelle not being afraid to voice her opinion -- even if it rubs others the wrong way.

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🍑 butt.

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7Showing the Goods

With a simple caption, Jenelle shows she truly gives zero f***s, as she proudly shows off her in-shape bod with no need for an explanation or excuse. Because you know what? Why the hell not.


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8Will the Real Jenelle Please Stand Up?

Being on TV means people think they know you. Jenelle is all too aware of this -- and aware of the public's perception of her -- and so she keeps it real by letting her fans know there is more to her than what they see in the media. It's a way of telling fans that they can keep talking trash all they like -- they have no idea who the real Jenelle is.

9Biting the Hand That Feeds

Jenelle calls out MTV for its bizarre editing choices in this tweet from March 2016 -- and it's not the first time she takes on the popular channel. MTV may be the one that pays her, but that doesn't mean she won't ever speak up against them.

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NYC vibes. 🙌🏼🗽

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10Travels With Jenelle

Jenelle caught a ton of flack from her followers on Instagram when she posted a pic of herself ice skating in NYC in February 2016. (Some choice comments: "Are you ever with your kids?"; "Where are your kids?!?!") Did Jenelle GAF? No; she kept her pics up, and she eventually revealed she was in NYC to appear on the TV show The Doctors in order to find out if her mystery illness could finally be diagnosed. So there ya go.

12The Imitation Game

Kail's tweet here is in reference to the time Jenelle thought Chelsea was copying her by starting her own website -- after Jenelle had announced she was launching one. Apparently it started when Jenelle tweeted "monkey see, monkey do ...unreal" -- and it escalated from there

Just another example of Jenelle speaking up when she feels she's been wronged.

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13Calling Out MTV

Jenelle went after MTV again on Twitter in May 2016. In now-deleted tweets, Jenelle lamented over why the network was trying to make her look like the "most horrible mother ever," deliberately editing her in a negative way and not showing the positive moments. She then tweeted out the message pictured here, saying she wanted to start her own show.

Good for Jenelle, standing up for herself -- even if it means standing up to the channel that pays her bills.

14"All of you disgust me."

Jenelle didn't mince words when she took to Facebook to address her haters. And we can't say we blame her -- it can't be easy to have the world constantly judging your every move and spewing vile, profanity-laden hatred at you over the Interwebs. Ugh.

15Fact or Fiction

When 16 and Pregnant star Nikkole Paulun posted this Facebook messaged (pictured) about how the Teen Mom franchise paints a fake picture of reality, Jenelle was none too pleased. In now-deleted posts, Jenelle went on to express her disagreement with Nikkole. At one point Jenelle wrote, "Not to mention you were on 16&P and didn't sign to teen mom just becuz your mom wouldn't let you. So there's that." Well then!

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16She Can't Win

Jenelle dyed her hair while pregnant with daughter Ensley, which brought out the angry fans in full force. (There has been debate for years over whether it's safe to dye your hair while pregnant.) Did Jenelle take down her photos and cower in a corner? We'll let you figure that one out.  

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