Farrah Abraham Spirals Even Further Out of Control in Another Epic Feud

Well that was one heck of an episode of Teen Mom OG! Farrah Abraham completely flipped her lid at her mom (even more so than usual), Amber Portwood missed another weekend visit with Leah, Maci Bookout got the lap dance of her life, and Catelynn Baltierra almost bought a horse.


Where to start? How about with the steamiest scene of the episode -- Maci's bachelorette party in Las Vegas! Even though she and fiancé Taylor McKinney were in Sin City at the same time to celebrate, they decided to each do their own things with their friends, and not see each other.

Maci ended up filming a very steamy scene at the Thunder From Down Under show, and while the couple had agreed that strippers were fine, they decided to keep MTV cameras out of it. Whoops. Hopefully Taylor understands that it was a surprise and she didn't think to warn the crew before hand.

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Amber Portwood and Matt Baier decided to give up another weekend with her daughter Leah in order to travel to New York to meet with blogger Matt Richards about possibly writing a book about Matt's life. You know, to put all those Farrah Abraham tweeting rumors to rest (he said a friend had tweeted Amber's costar from his account ... we're sure it was his friend's pot he was holding too) once and for all.

Catelynn Baltierra continued her recovery after receiving in-patient treatment last spring for postpartum depression and anxiety, and apparently decided to go horse shopping. Thankfully she decided to wait on making a decision, because Tyler did not look impressed about the prospect.

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Then there was Farrah and her mom Debra Danielsen, who pretty much stole the show with their explosive fight -- and that's saying something considering that Maci was practically grinding with strippers in the same episode.

Their fights seem to have been escalating for weeks, usually with Farrah flying off the handle for the most innocuous things, like a freezer or a moving truck, but this week Deb made the mistake of telling Farrah that she'd met someone. Hell hath no fury like Farrah did upon learning that information. 

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Even Sophia later told her mom, "You have changed, though, a lot from being nice to rude," to which Farrah replied, "No, I'm being nice, too, so let's not waste my time. Mommy's never rude." Farrah also called her "whiny," which we have to admit is at least better than the time she called her stupid.

Anyway, Deb came back and told Farrah she didn't want to fight anymore, so Farrah called her a dumb bitch and kicked her mom out of her house. You know, because she's so nice, and never rude.

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