Amber Portwood's Salary From MTV Is a Lot More Than We Expected

She's been moving on up, and she has Teen Mom OG to thank for it. According to reports, Amber Portwood is rolling in the cash these days, all thanks to letting MTV follow her around with a camera crew.


The Hollywood Gossip highlighted a report from the Today show's website, which stated that Amber made about $280,000 in 2011, the same year she was arrested and subsequently sent to jail for her drug addiction.

We don't know exactly how much she and her costars are making five years later, but it's rumored that their salaries were doubled with the Teen Mom OG reboot in 2015. 

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That's over half a million dollars a year from MTV alone. Of course the ladies also make money from their various endorsement deals on social media, and it's anyone's guess as to how much companies are willing to pay the reality stars to pose with their products.

We're happy for Amber and her financial security after everything she has gone through to get there. This season she even got to buy a swanky new home in a posh neighborhood, which was a dream she never thought would be possible.

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We're still kind of nervous that her fiancé Matt Baier is hanging around for the wrong reasons though ... He says he's a different man than he was in the past (when he was hooked on drugs and alcohol and fathered at least nine children with multiple women), and we really hope he's being honest about that.

But we still think it's wise that Amber has put their wedding on hold for now.

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