Matt Baier Finally Admits to Amber Portwood That He's a Liar

When Matt Baier is involved, the hits just keep on coming, don't they? After news of his children and multiple custody battles have trickled out over the past year, now, he's admitting to another surprise. In next week's episode of Teen Mom OG, Matt tells Amber he lied about his sobriety. But then, is anybody actually surprised? 


In the clip, Matt says he tells people he's been sober for longer than he has been -- including Amber. And she claims that she's none the wiser ... and told him there's no chance their relationship would work if he couldn't stay away from pills because it would increase the chance she'd relapse, too. 

"I did absolutely exaggerate the length of my sobriety," Matt said. "Even with her when I first met her. I had tried to get sober, I relapsed a few times."

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Apparently Amber's love was enough for Matt to finally stay sober; after she threatened to leave if he couldn't get it together, he was inspired to stay away from pills for good.

And if you've been hoping Amber would kick Matt to the curb one of these days, it really doesn't sound like that's happening. In the same clip, she revealed that she's still planning on marrying him, despite his recent indiscretions.

Oh, Amber. We really, really hope you're right about Matt and his potential. After everything she's been through in the past, she deserves a good guy. We want him to prove us wrong! 


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