Jade Roper Makes a Startling Confession About Her Sex Life With Tanner

Remember when we watched Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert tie the knot on a Bachelor wedding special last year and thought their love would last forever? Yeah, since seeing them work through their issues on Marriage Boot Camp, we're not so sure. This time, Jade says she has to beg Tanner for oral sex, which isn't generally a sign of a functional relationship. Yikes! 


The info comes out on this week's episode of Marriage Boot Camp, and thanks to a new clip from Us Weekly, we know exactly how it happens. A game of truth or dare ends in a bit of oversharing from one of our favorite former BIP couples, and it's making us feel so bad for poor Jade! 

In the clip, she reveals that she never receives oral sex from Tanner because she has to beg for it. So much secondhand cringe for her!

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When Jade pulls her card and has to answer the question, you can tell that she's visibly uncomfortable -- and everybody else looks pretty shocked, as well. This season of Boot Camp has definitely put them both through the wringer, and it seems obvious it's not going to end now.

All we can hope is that since Jade and Tanner appear to still be together after filming the show, they have found a way to work out their problems and are having a happier marriage. From the sounds of things on Boot Camp, they both seem miserable. They deserve to be happy! 

Jade, we're sending you a hug. You can do so much better! 


Image via jadelizroper/Instagram

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