Farrah Abraham's Latest Spa Treatment for Sophia Is the Worst Yet

image: farrah_abraham/Instagram

She's no stranger to controversial parenting decisions, and it doesn't look like she's going to stop making them anytime soon. Farrah Abraham recently let her daughter Sophia use a "weight loss" treatment, and now feels like a good time to remind you that the little girl is 7 years old.


The Teen Mom OG star posted a video of Sophia on Snapchat while using the "Therapeutic Alpha Spa," which is a space-age pod thing that is supposedly able to burn calories while you peacefully relax at the spa.

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image: Farrah Abraham/Snapchat
We're just hoping that Soph isn't actually trying to lose weight, and instead is just enjoying the aromatherapy offered by the pod.

Then again, this is Farrah Abraham we're talking about, and she famously waxed her daughter's eyebrows when she was just 3 years old. You know, because toddlers are so concerned about their brow shape.

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Just last week, Farrah caught heat for appearing to let her daughter drink detox tea, so you think she'd lay off the "I'm trying to put my 7-year-old on a diet" posts for a while, but no. All we can hope is that she puts some of that endorsement money into a therapy fund for Sophia for when she gets older.

Poor girl is going to need it.

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