Farrah Abraham Is All Cozy With Simon Saran Again

The relationship between Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran has always been a bit confusing. Are they together or are they not? Now it sounds like we finally have an answer to that question. It seems like Farrah and Simon are back together -- for the 50th time.


According to what sources close to the reunited couple tell OK! magazine (via The Hollywood Gossip), they got back together while they were in New York to film the Teen Mom OG reunion last month. How do we know? Apparently, those sources saw them cuddling and looking pretty coupled up the next day. 

Unfortunately, there aren't many more details available yet, but if we know Farrah, we know she'll be talking about it herself soon. Plus, plenty of risqué shots of her have appeared on Simon's Snapchat as of late, so that pretty much speaks for itself.

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Being that Farrah has been open about the problems she and Simon have faced in the past, we're surprised she decided to go back to him. They both might be dramatic and outspoken, but that doesn't always make the best match. Besides, as far as we've seen on the show, it looks like he makes her miserable.

Farrah may not always be our cup of tea, but we're convinced that there's a guy out there who will love her and Sophia and treat them both well -- without her having to buy her own engagement ring. Maybe next time she and Simon split, it should be for good? But for now, we wish them luck. Maybe they're meant for each other despite their issues. 


Image via simon_23_saran/Instagram

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