Jenelle Evans Gets Serious Backlash for Coloring Her Hair While Pregnant

Jenelle Evans has done a lot of controversial things in her past, but we never imagined that her changing her hairstyle would count as one of them! Earlier this week, Jenelle showed off her new cut and color, and it's sent some of her followers into quite a tizzy. Jenelle's facing backlash for dyeing her hair while pregnant, and it's definitely not pretty.


It all started when the Teen Mom 2 star posted her new 'do on Instagram this Tuesday, showing off the low lights and trim she got to treat herself before her baby, whom she's already named Ensley, arrives in January. But people are worried that Jenelle dyed her hair while pregnant, since it has been a widely held belief that it would be unsafe for the baby. 


However, these days, things have changed. According to the American Pregnancy Assocation, there is some research that indicates it's safe to dye your hair when you're expecting, since such small amounts of the dye are absorbed into the skin that it wouldn't affect the baby at all. 

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Jenelle has definitely made some questionable parenting skills in the past -- that's something we can probably all agree on. But this one isn't one of them. Besides, if it was unhealthy for the baby, would Jenelle have gotten her hair dyed in the first place? She is free to make her own choices, especially when those choices don't hurt anyone.

Lately, it's seemed like Jenelle is trying to make a better life for herself, and we're proud. Now that she's going to be a mom of three soon, she needs all the encouragement she can get, so hopefully this backlash isn't getting her down too much.

Let's move past this and onto what really matters: counting down the days 'til Jenelle's little one arrives. We can't wait to see her first pics!


Image via j_evans1219/Instagram

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