Ryan Edwards's Dad Opens Up About Their Explosive Argument

It looks like these two have finally hugged and made up! Ryan Edwards finally apologized to his dad Larry for whatever it was that pissed him off so much earlier this season, and it looks like everyone is breathing a collective sigh of relief.


On a recent episode of Teen Mom OG, it was revealed that Maci Bookout's ex had finally moved out of his parents Jen and Larry's house, but it was not on good terms. We didn't see the supposedly explosive fight on camera, but apparently it had something to do with wrenches, and Bentley's grandpa told MTV producers that he was so livid at his son that he wouldn't piss on him if he were on fire.

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For Ry's part, he played pretty dumb, either pretending or not knowing what really happened to cause the rift. While it's probably a good thing that Ryan finally move out of his parents' house, it's been a strain on everyone dealing with the emotional fallout -- especially his mom Jen.

On this week's episode of the show, Ryan finally manned up and went to talk to his dad, and according to this deleted scene, it looks as though the hatchet has been officially buried ... for now at least.

Larry said that there were things said that couldn't be taken back, but that he's ready to move forward. And he even acknowledged that getting Ry to move out may have been the best thing to have come out of all of it.

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No kidding. Now hopefully they can be one big happy family again -- Bentley deserves to have a dad who can get along with his own parents.


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