Josh Murray & Amanda Stanton Are Getting Rich Thanks to 'Bachelor in Paradise'

If you needed another reason to be jealous of Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray, here it is -- you know, despite Amanda's awesome sense of style and adorable daughters. Apparently Josh and Amanda are raking in the dough, and they could have their Bachelor in Paradise fame to thank.


According to financial documents Amanda filed as part of her custody suit with her ex that were obtained by TMZ, she and Josh are making a ton of money each month, and they have Amanda's blog and their social media endorsements to thank. Amanda claims she makes $13K per month while Josh brings in $10K per month -- whoa! 

Even more shocking? Amanda said in the documents $2K of her budget goes to clothes every month. We believe it, by the looks of her Instagram. That girl always looks flawless. 

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Understandably, this huge inflation of income has made Amanda's ex want more child support from her. Um, duh? We have to hand it to her -- she's pulled through to provide for her daughters in such an awesome way. Looks like her blog has seriously taken off! 

Hearing these numbers has us seriously considering a Bachelor audition in our future. If participating in rose ceremonies and drinking wine could get us this kind of cash, count us in! 


Image via amanda_stantonn/Instagram

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