Leah Messer's Wild Night at the Bar Has People Questioning Her Parenting

Uh-oh, someone call the party police! Leah Messer went to a bar with her friends this week, and of course that means she's the worst mom ever. Or something like that.


The Teen Mom 2 star had a girls' night out over the weekend, which raised eyebrows with critics on the Internet, since she completed a stint in rehab last year, and has even had a few unfortunate incidents on camera.

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Although we can't even tell if Leah is drinking in the photo, who cares? Leah has come such a long way since going to rehab in 2015 for emotional issues. She's gained back custody of her twin daughters after losing it to Corey Simms (the two currently split time), and she seems to be getting along fine with Addie's dad Jeremy Calvert.

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But she may be in trouble after posting pics like the one above, and this one, where she is clearly so intoxicated she's sticking her tongue out. Seriously -- this is obviously over the top. Insert eye roll here.

It's been awhile but it was much needed! #bestfriend @kaylaroush13 love you�

A photo posted by Leah dawn (@leahdawn92mtv) on

Even though the pics looks pretty dang innocent to us, some people were quick to point out that Leah once fell asleep on camera while holding an infant, which of course was "evidence" that she was abusing prescription painkillers. She also got pretty tipsy at a post-divorce dinner date with ex-husband Jeremy, but nothing more than some awkward flirtation took place.

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People need to chill out about Leah going out with her friends. She's a single mama to three kiddos, and doing a dang good job with it these days. Everyone deserves some R&R with good friends.


Image via leahdawn92mtv/Instagram

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