Amber Portwood's Feud With Simon Saran Isn't Over Yet

We're used to serious drama between Farrah Abraham and her Teen Mom costars, but now that Farrah's boyfriend, Simon Saran, is involved, we can't believe it's still happening! After the reported brawl that happened during filming for the Teen Mom OG reunion, Simon and Amber Portwood are still fighting on social media


Yep, these two are still going at it, and it doesn't seem like the fireworks will be dying down anytime soon. In a series of since-deleted tweets Amber sent to one of her followers, she managed slam both Farrah and Simon for their career choices and the way they talk about their money.

According to Wetpaint, the tweets said: 

What multiple jobs? Her 2 restaurants that failed as well as losing $ on the house she flipped? ... I guess if you don't boast about making a mill. dollars your just sitting around huh. 


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And, as usual, there was no way Simon was going to take this lying down. He didn't respond to her directly, but in a separate tweet, he did mock the way Amber always says she's "sending love": 

To an outsider, it all seems really petty, but if we had more information -- no, never mind, we would probably still think it was petty. The good news is that outside of Teen Mom events, Amber, Farrah, and Simon would probably never cross paths, so maybe they should just cool down and move on? 

Like that'll ever happen! But we can dream. Here's hoping that the reunion brings all the drama we've been promised. We can't wait to see it unfold!

Image via realamberlportwood1__/Instagram

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