Farrah Abraham Has a Clear Reason for Why She's Voting for Trump

The 2016 election is almost finally over, but that isn't stopping a certain Teen Mom star from being outspoken about her chosen candidate! Farrah Abraham says she's voting for Donald Trump for Sophia's future, and her argument is definitely ... interesting. 


When X17 Online caught up with Farrah at the airport, they asked for her thoughts on the election. It's no surprise that she's voting for Trump, since Farrah has voiced her support for him all along. But voting for him for Sophia? Hmm. 

Farrah said: 

I think Trump is gonna be a good president ... I honestly think the Clinton family's already been in there, and for my daughter, I think Trump would be [the right choice]. I'm a business person, and ... Trump and his family is good at business. 

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She also added in a comment about how she was sure Trump had seen her sex tape, and that she thinks Hillary Clinton's husband, Bill, has seen it too. Yikes! 

Farrah is definitely entitled to her own political opinion -- and to pick the candidate she thinks would make life best for her family. We can't help but wonder if Sophia will agree with her mom's leanings when she gets older or not, though! 

With Election Day on Tuesday, all of this is finally about to be over. Hang in there, everyone! 

Image via farrah__abraham/Instagram

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