Amber Portwood's New Houseguest Is Bound to Upset Gary Shirley

Talk about some major ups and downs on this week's episode of Teen Mom OG. Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney continued with some big wedding plans, Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra got some devastating news about Carly, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier made a huge decision, and Farrah Abraham yelled at people.


So nothing was really new over in Farrah's world. She had a horrendous scene with her mom, Debra Danielsen, over a furniture truck. We're not even sure what the whole thing was about, but the words "dumb f***" were thrown around for no good reason we could determine.

Farrah also took Sophia to see Daddy Derek's family in Missouri. Sophia's dad, Derek Underwood, died before she was born, so we have to admit that it's nice that Farrah keeps in contact with his family. Later, Sophia told Deb that her cousin caught a catfish, and she got to pet it. Highlight of the trip, for sure.

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Maci Bookout definitely has better family relations than her controversial costar, and we got to see one of her close connections when she asked her grandfather to officiate her wedding vows with Taylor McKinney. He said he'd be honored, and they all joked about keeping the "objection" part out of the ceremony, since she did invite Ryan Edwards.

Speaking of Ryan, it looks like Bentley's dad finally made up with his own dad Larry. On a recent episode, Larry talked about his falling out with Ryan, and actually said that he wouldn't piss on Ryan if he were on fire, so we were glad to see that Ryan was able to apologize for whatever pissed his dad off so much, and reportedly bury the hatchet. The actual scene wasn't filmed, but later Ry's mom Jen told Maci that they had made up.

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Tyler and Catelynn celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary by eating the wedding cake they had frozen from their ceremony, and if the looks on their faces were any indication, it tasted even worse than the gloppy mess it looked like.

They also contemplated having another baby someday, and Ty praised Cate on getting help for her severe PPD, but they both recognized now isn't the time to have another. They also met with their adoption social worker about Carly, since Brandon and Teresa Davis had been being vague about their annual visit. They learned that the papers they signed at 16 gave Carly's adoptive parents full rights when it came to seeing Cate and Ty, and it was heartbreaking to watch Cate realize that she might not see Carly again until she's 18.

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Amber Portwood did get to visit with another child and welcome him into her life ... kind of. Matt Baier recently reunited with his grown son from a previous relationship, and decided that he wants to help him kick his drug habit.

Matt and Amber even let Chris move in with them, although he had to promise to stay off drugs and not drink in the house. He hasn't met Amber's 7-year-old daughter Leah yet, and we have a feeling Gary Shirley isn't aware of their new houseguest ... we'll have to wait for next week to see how that goes down.

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