Tanner Tolbert & Jade Roper's Marriage Takes Another Rocky Turn

We used to think that Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert were the perfect Bachelor in Paradise couple, but their time on Marriage Boot Camp this season has proven that even they have their struggles in their relationship. And now, it looks like Tanner is laying into Jade about using her voice once again.


Us Weekly has a new clip from this week's episode in which Jade and Tanner are talking about how they need to change and compromise to make their marriage work. And even though Jade is confident that she can be more assertive, Tanner isn't convinced. 

"I'm not optimistic about anything changing," Tanner says, before adding, "You let not having a voice still play a role in your life." 

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It's been breaking our hearts to see a couple who once seemed so in love and so well suited to each other having so many serious problems on the show this season. And it's even worse to see how crushed Jade has been every time Tanner points out something else she's doing wrong, especially since he doesn't often do it in a very tactful way. 

Will they ever be able to fix these roadblocks before the season is over? It's hard to say, but if they're truly going to spend their lives together, they have plenty of time. We hope it works out! 


Image via jadelizroper/Instagram

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